"Demi does not turn herself upside down, she turns all technique and perception upside down. She uses the entire garden of Eden to play hide and seek. She's an angel in mud boots. Strong and vulnerable. Frivolous and reasoned. She flatters herself, she shows her beauty and she exaggerates. Especially the latter. She orchestrates her photographs to her hearts content. That alone makes her so authentic. 

She plays herself in an unsurpassed way, between epic and nostalgic. She scoffs and smiles but she has nothing to hide, not even her sensual melancholy." 

- Hans Willemse

The themes that I try to deepen are always very personal. I play with my feminine innocence while simultaneously portraying the discovery of my own sensuality. Nevertheless, I also reach for the darkest parts of my being, my history with severe depression and how this will impact my future, bearing a certain fragility as a result of the things that I've been through.

The way I see it, my self portraits function as a diary in which I express my emotions, dealing with unresolved feelings. It helps me understand myself and the things that keep me thinking.

Upcoming Exhibitions

  • 01.06.2022 - 22.06.2022: I To Eye - Duo-exhibition Diane Marie and Demi Cauwenbergh, KAVKA Oudaan


  • Rotterdam Photo 2022 XL Best Exhibition Award 

Print publications

  • Self-published photo book "Regarding Self: A Collection of Self-Portraits" 

  • Self-published photo book "Dit Ben Ik Niet" 


  • Degree technical secondary education: photography 

        obtained at ColomaPlus Mechelen in June 2017

  • Self-employed photographer 

        since March 2019

Past Exhibitions

  • 18.05.2022 - 22.05.2022: Rotterdam Photo Festival 2022 XL, Willemsplein 85

  • 19.09.2021: Searching for Demi - (solo) living room exhibition Demi Cauwenbergh curated by Hans Willemse, Zurenborg Antwerp

  • 29.07.2021 - 05.08.2021: Duo-exhibition Diane Marie and Demi Cauwenbergh, XPO Antwerp 

  • 06.06.2021 - 30.09.2021: International Photo Festival Pelt: Lens op de Mens 2021

  • 01.07.2020 - 31.07.2020: #Out Of Office 2020, Campo & Campo 

  • 27.10.2017: Night Watch 2017, FOMU Antwerpen

  • CANCELED DUE TO COVID-19: Rotterdam Photo Festival 2021