Demi Cauwenbergh (1998) is a photographer based in Belgium. She started her high school studies in photography when she was 15 years old, but she had long been interested in photography. Demi graduated her high school photography studies June 2017. 

Demi is mainly engaged in conceptual selfportrait photography. Recurring themes in her selfportraits are femininity, fragility, depression and a slight hint of eroticism. Her selfportraits function as a diary in which she expresses her emotions. 


Next to this she is occupied with portrait photography and conceptual studies regarding humans. She's looking for different ways to photograph humans and is trying to deepen the different aspects of man. 

She's always looking for new ideas, new concepts... Her greatest goal is to keep on growing and find new challenges to help her achieve her goal.


  • Degree technical secondary education: photography 

        obtained at ColomaPlus Mechelen in June 2017

  • Business management certificate

        obtained at ColomaPlus Mechelen in June 2017

  • Self-employed photographer 

        since March 2019

  • Voluntary photographer in training at "VZW Boven De Wolken" 

         since January 2021 

Past Exhibitions

  • Night Watch 2017, FOMU Antwerpen

  • #Out Of Office 2020, Campo & Campo 

Upcoming Exhibition

  • Rotterdam Photo Festival 2021

Print publications

  • Back cover photo for book "Wat Wit Was: 50 Fiscale Fraudeverhalen" by Jan Tuerlinckx, publisher Doorbraak

  • "Regarding Self: A Collection of Self-Portraits", self-published photo book (release date: 15/02/2021)

Online publications 

  • Doorbraak

         photography for articles

  • EMC Magazine Instagram 


  • Belgiumdigital Hall of Fame week 40



Small business subject to the tax exemption scheme

VAT not applicable

Klein Holland 74 

1840 Londerzeel 


VAT Number: BE0721.535.488

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