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Terms and Conditions 


  • In the webshop of Demi Cauwenbergh you can pay with Bancontact and PayPal.

  • Prices are drawn up taking into account production costs, transaction costs, shipping costs and own profit. Demi Cauwenbergh is a small company subject to the tax exemption scheme. This means that VAT is not applicable.

  • Once an order is placed, there is a payment obligation. Payments can easily be made immediately after the order.

Terms of Delivery 

  • Demi Cauwenbergh delivers domestically (Belgium) and to all countries of the European Union. Shipping costs can differ per item and per country. 

  • The stated delivery time is only an indication and not binding. It is possible that your order will be delayed by the delivery service, in this case Demi Cauwenbergh is not liable for the delay incurred.

  • Demi Cauwenbergh is not responsible for incorrect or incomplete delivery details provided by the customer.

  • Orders must be delivered within 30 days. If this is not the case, you have the right to cancel it free of charge.

Revocation Right 

  • You have the right to change your mind up to 14 days after the purchase without having to state a reason. In this case, you must send me an email with the following information:

- the goods to be revoked 

- date of order  

- date of receipt 

- your name and surname 

- your address 

  • As soon as I have received the revoked order, you will be refunded the total cost of the order (including shipping costs) within 14 days.


  • The delivered product must be in good condition. If this is not the case, you are entitled to a replacement of the product or a refund. Please contact Demi Cauwenbergh by e-mail if you want to invoke the warranty.

  • The legal warranty applies to all items.

Privacy Policy 

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Demi Cauwenbergh's general terms and conditions were last modified on 24/12/2020.

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